Professional SQL Editor For A Fraction Of The Price


What databases does SQLTool support?

SQLTool allows you to connect to any MySQL, MariaDB, Derby, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Sybase, or Oracle database.

Can I trust SQLTool with my information?

Connections happen without a web service so you can have peace of mind that the only place your information is going is to the location you specify. Many mobile database management applications contact someones web server to process SQL information and in these scenarios you must trust that person with your sensitive information while relying on the quality of their web server. SQLTool does a direct connection so you don't have to worry about trust or server quality.

Are all my SQL commands supported?

SQLTool supports most SQL queries for your specified database. For example: select, insert, update, delete, create, alter, and drop queries are all supported. You can use SQLTool's custom statements like desc and export to perform various tasks as well.

Are there any limitations since this is Android?

The only major limitation SQLTool may run into is the quality of network connection. Large queries require a stronger network connection such as wifi rather than 3G because of how much data is being transmitted. To respect everyones network connection SQLTool, by default, does thirty row queries unless using the query editor. If you use the query editor feature of SQLTool you can query for as many rows as you want. However, it is recommended to always limit your results because certain devices may not be powerful enough to process huge amounts of data.

What are the requirements for SSH Tunneling?

SQLTool supports SSH tunneling with password authentication as well as key pair authentication. When connecting with password authentication, use the SSH server username and password as your credentials. When connecting with key pair authentication, use the private key password as your password.

SSH key pairs must be generated using OpenSSH format. The recommended key strength is 2048.

Why can't SQLTool connect to Oracle 10.2+?

Oracle databases higher than version 10.1 do not play nice with Android. Because of this, we have determined it was in everyones best interest that we exclude support for Oracle 10.2+. We would rather everything perform appropriately and give all our users a perfect experience.

Aren't queries difficult to design on tablets and mobile devices?

We know your pain. Typing queries on a mobile device is difficult, but this is why we created SQLTool's query builder. The query builder contains buttons representing common SQL keywords. Tapping a button will result in the keyword being inserted into the editor. Being able to freely enter text and make use of the hot-keys makes designing queries a breeze.

Can I use SQLTool on databases outside my current network?

We encourage you to use SQLTool on both local and remote databases. Just make sure that your remote databases allow for remote connections. If your databases don't allow for remote connections see if SSH tunneling is a valid solution for you.

Will SQLTool work with my device?

SQLTool supports any Android device running 2.3 and higher. This includes tablets, mobile phones, and even the Amazon Kindle Fire.