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Privacy Policy

What information is collected on your device?

All information entered into SQLTool is stored locally and is never transmitted to a third party server. Data such as connection and SSH information as well as bookmarks are stored in a SQLite database on your devices file system. Information remains private between the device, the user (you), and the database server being used.

SQLTool makes use of the Google Analytics Mobile SDK by default. This can easily be disabled via SQLTool's settings screen inside the application. Metric information collected by Google Analytics is completely anonymous and cannot be traced back to you or your databases.

What information is collected on the web?

SQLTool Pro on the web does not collect any information beyond visitor statistics for analytics purposes. Analytics information is collected using Google's Analytics service and is kept completely anonymous.

How do we use the analytics information being collected?

Analytics information is used to assess user demographics such as language and demographics. Information such as Android version and device type is also assessed. This is useful for helping to improve the overall quality of SQLTool. This information is never traced back to an individual since the data is anonymous.

What control do you, as a user, have of the information collected?

MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Sybase, MariaDB, and Oracle connection information is stored in a local database on the device. Removing the information from the device will delete it forever. Connection information is never backed up so when you don't see it on your device you can be sure it doesn't exist.

What happens when SQLTool is being validated?

SQLTool Pro connects to the Google Play servers to validate that the application being used is not an illegal copy. Your Google Play information is not stored in SQLTool Pro and no personal information entered into SQLTool Pro is shared with Google.